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Nimba framework

Nimba Framework

warning This project is private and is still in design, not ready for production. Create an issue if you encounter any bugs!

Nimba is a python web framework for lazy developers, just focus on your codes.

Everything you need to know about Nimba Framework The key features are:

  • Fast to code: Increase the speed to develop features.
  • Intuitive: Quick understanding. Less debugging time..
  • Easy: Designed to be easy to use and learn. Less time reading docs.
  • Short: Minimizes code duplication. Multiple functionalities. Fewer bugs.


$ pip install nimba

Create Application

$ nimba create --app awesome_app

Structure project

  • application - Your app project (you will spend most of your time here).
    • - Your logic code
    • - Define here the schema of your database
    • - Write your test here
  • staticfiles - The static files.
  • templates - Your template (html page etc…).
  • - Settings database, secret key and other.
  • - the command utility, start the server, create views and many more.

Run server

In your project app awesome_app

$ python serve

Monitoring for changes...
Starting server in PID 72932
June 25, 2021 - 18:04:32
Serving on
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

Open in your navigator Screenshot

Continue directly with tutorial


This project is licensed under the terms of Nimba solution compagny.